Bob Saget Comedy Show

Last week I was browsing the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom schedule and my daughter, Hannah  walked in from work. She noticed that Bob Saget was performing this week and was very excited.  She immediately said she wanted to go see him and was persistent on purchasing two tickets.  She grabbed her credit card and within minutes we had front row tickets to see his show.

Hannah came home from work on Thursday afternoon, dolled herself up for the show and we were off to see some great comedy work. We arrived at the Casino Ballroom just as doors were opening, we got our tickets out, had our purses searched, got body scanned, carded, tagged and proceeded to our front row seats. We were there earlier than most people so we got to take some fun pictures. Also, Hannah was checking out Bob Saget’s Snapchat and found out that John Stamos was making an appearance the following night with the Beach Boys. This was a sold out show but we we were determined to find tickets because how often do you get to see two Full House stars in the same week. We scored two general admission tickets regardless of the sold out status. More to come on that concert…

Mike Young was the opening act. He is a really hilarious guy, especially when he talked about over thirty and under thirty woman and their differences in dating. Honestly I was dying when he started in on how walking his girlfriend’s Yorkie was not a manly thing to be doing.

I thought my daughter was going to cry when she saw Bob Saget walk out on that stage.  Having watched Full House for more than half of her life, America’s most well-known dad, Danny Tanner. It was a dream come true for her. She was smiling from ear to ear.

After the show we decided to hang around for a few minutes to see if we would get a chance to meet Mike and Bob. Within several minutes they emerged from the building. We were able to get a few shots with these hilarious comedians. It was well worth the wait!


And Bob Saget thought we were pretty amazing as well. xo

Bob Saget Tweet

We enjoyed you as well Bob Saget and Mike Young. Get on the Casino Ballroom schedule for next year and we will be sure to get tickets!