Beach Boys Concert | Hampton Beach-Casino Ballroom 2016

If you ever get a chance to see the Beach Boys, you should definitely not pass it up.  We had the opportunity to see them at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom this year. This place is absolutely amazing to see any concert up close and personal.  We were just at the Bob Saget Comedy show the night before and we found out that John Stamos would be playing with the Beach Boys the following night. My daughter, Hannah was persistent on going even though everyone was saying the show was sold out.  She got on her phone, started the search and found tickets online and made the purchase. So happy she did! A woman  who worked for the Casino Ballroom told us to get there early since our tickets were general admission.

Friday, I met Hannah at work so we could leave from there together to drive to the beach. We parked in the Casino Ballroom parking lot behind the building and proceeded to the entrance. When we got there the line had already started to form.  There were probably about sixty people in front of us.  When we got to the front, we showed our tickets and hurried to find the perfect seats. We had already decided where we would try to sit the night before.  General admission is on each side of the stage as well as in the very back.  We chose the back because the seats are on a raised platform and that puts you up a little higher than the floor seats.

General Admission Seating

We sat with another couple that were Beach Boy fans and it was a great time talking with them about all of the concerts that they have seen.  They were even wearing their Beach Boy attire. I hope we get to see them at the next Beach Boys Concert. The introduction to the concert was played on TV screens on each side of the stage, and was a documentary of the history of the Beach Boys.  Watch the video below to see our amazing experience.  This year marked the 50th anniversary of the “Pet Sounds”album.

After the show, we were able to get some footage outside of the Ballroom of the Beach Boys and John Stamos leaving. We were hoping they would stop to say hello to the crowd of people waiting to see them, but they all just jumped in the limos and left. =(

See you next year Beach Boys!



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